Friday, March 6, 2009

My blogger friend, Cynthia, over at An Accomplished Woman recently did a post on her refrigerator that made me drool with envy! Please check out her post and her entire wonderful blog!

I was inspired to clean out my fridge. I spent a half a day taking every single thing out of my fridge; including bins and shelves! I threw away a garbage bag full of stuff - gross! I scrubbed and cleaned and amazingly enough it made me feel great! I have to confess that I don't have pretty bowls in my fridge like Cynthia has in hers; but it is much neater, cleaner and more organized. I have included an afterwards and a during cleaning pictures above. You didn't think I was brave enough to include a "before" pic did you? :) I don't desire the health department visiting! LOL.

Now, your turn; let's see your fridge! Come on, don't be shy!

P.S. I did clean the outside smears and fingerprints once I was done! :)

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