Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Queen of Tassels, Nancy at Southern Lady

I would like to introduce you to the Queen of Tassels: Nancy over at Southern Lady

Nancy makes beautiful tassels for any room in your home. They also make perfect gifts! I actually even got a compliment on my dining room tassel (pictured above) just today! Nancy has an etsy shop called Nancyrosalina's The Tasseled Nest.

I have always been a tassel person but Nancy's creations take tassels to an entirely different level. They are so charming and creative.

Please visit Nancy at her wonderful blog and also her etsy shop. Please tell her that I sent you.


  1. Beautiful tassle. I will have to go to her site and check things out. I am a tassle person too.

  2. Oh Mrs. Bramble, You are too kind, darlin'! I will have the big head the rest of the day! ;)
    I am glad you are enjoying your tassle...hope you continue to enjoy it for a looooong time. Blessings, Nancy

  3. Your tassel is just gorgeous and you are so right, her tassels are just unbelievable. She is so creative. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi! I am in love with Nancy's tassles - in fact I just ordered my second one yesterday and I can't wait to get it. Not only are her tassles great, but she is the sweetest person in the entire world! I love that girl!

  5. Okay, how did you get your blog to be so professional looking so fast?

    I love Nancy's tassels and need to buy one.. I miss you and love your new blog. Please send me your hints!!!


  6. LOVE Nancy's tassels!

    Your new one is just spectacular.
    I didn't see that one on her ETSY.

    How unique! :)

  7. Oh I love those tassels!!! THere are several blogger who have done tutorials on how to make them- I would love to try my hand at it sometime!


  8. Aren't they great - I love them and your's is very pretty!!

  9. Very pretty! We sold some Christmasy tassels a few years back that were oversized like that. Just georgeous.

  10. Hi
    I saw your comment on Penny's blog and liked the name so I thought I'd stop by for a visit. I see that you just recently started your blog. Welcome to blogland. You are going to love it!

  11. Gorgeous tassels! Thanks for sharing the souce...Christine

  12. That is one gorgeous tassel! I can't get enough of em either! My hubbs jokes that if he stands still to long I'll put a tassel on him! And he's probably right! Vanna