Monday, March 16, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Photo removed at teenager request :)

What a difference a day makes! Pictured above is my "baby", my high school senior. This photo was taken yesterday morning at about 9:30 am on my back breezeway before I took him to the airport. This morning at 9:30 am I got a call from this precious child of mine from Milan, Italy where he was standing in the middle of a plaza looking at a huge cathedral; according to him.

I have been the type of Mother that let my children go and do and explore probably more than I should have. Their father is a captain for a major airline and has flown both domestically and internationally. From the age of 1 month I have had my children on airplanes. We have moved several times and experienced different cultures. Thanks in part to living in Texas for 6 years, along with one of the most gifted Spanish teachers ever, he speaks fluent Spanish.

This trip that my son is on is a little bit different than his usual outings. He went on a 9 day trip to Europe with 8 other friends from high school. There are some adults going and this was a guided tour thingy. They will go to Italy, Spain and Monaco; how exciting!

I warned him about the delicious ice cream, pastries and breads in Europe. I tend to gain about 10 pounds just thinking about them! When he called this morning he said that I was right about the ice cream and he had already had three servings! That's my boy! We love our food.

I raised my children to be very independent. They were doing their own laundry by age 8, making their own beds, etc. As morbid as it sounds, I wanted them to be able to function in case something happened to their father or myself. Of course, with independence I have had to let go faster or sooner than I wanted to at times. However, I could not be prouder of my children. They are able to conduct themselves in all sorts of situations and are already contributing members of society holding down jobs, going to school, etc. Apologies for the shameless bragging.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my life with you today.


  1. Vanessa, That is wonderful that he got to go, and that you let him! I hope he has a wonderful time! Blessings, Nancy

  2. What a great post - and you brag on proud mom!! I think there is nothing better we can do for our kids than help them to grow up strong and indepedent!!

    I hope he has a great time - I loved Europe when I was there about 8 years ago!

  3. I think you are wonderful! I try really hard to let mine (ages 16 and 19) go and do, but sometimes I just want to hang on their leg!! I am "handling" growing up really public anyway! lol
    I know he will have a fantastic time!

    Lou Cinda :)

  4. No - thank YOU for sharing! That is truly exciting for your son. You are a wonderful mother. Try not to worry too much while he's away! ~Kim

  5. Oh I do so applaud you for teaching your children to be self sufficient. I was taught that and so I taught my children the same and as you say they are good people, productive and contributing to society and always feel comfortable in most any situation. I do hope your son has a wonderful time, what a great opportunity for him. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  6. I hope your son has a wonderful time in Italy! Thanks for the inspirational was beautiful! Linda

  7. Now isn't he just handsome! You've raised him to be safe, smart, responsible. He'll have a terrific time that he'll want to tell you all about. What other young man would call his mother in America while he's standing in Milan looking at a cathedral? He's special. So are you.

  8. How great that he got to go -- it will be a drip that he always remembers.

  9. Girl you have bragging right coming..I loved reading this..hope your son has a great and safe trip..tell him to eat from Ice cream for me...hugs and smiles Gloria

  10. What a wonderful trip for your son. I wish I was in Tuscany right about now! I had no idea that we are practically neighbors!

    Can you believe I tried 2 different Food City Stores - one in Knoxville and the one in Seymour and couldn't find short ribs.

  11. I did the same with my son - let him travel and find his own way in the world. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. He is now married and I am grandmother to a beautiful 3 year old girl and he has a beautiful life and career. Just found your blog and am enjoying it.

  12. Vanessa that is wonderful!
    You are a really good Mom.

    I hope he has a fantastic and safe trip!
    ~Melissa ;)